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Moss has invaded the vegetable patch and is spreading faster than I can weed. It is spidery- and has covered lots of the area completely, snuggling around the veg that is growing. I'm not sure whether it's damging or not- much of the vegetable growth took place before the invasion, so lots seems Ok. But I would like advice as to how to respond once the season is over. Do I blitz with killer? Or can moss and veg co-habit?. Does it eat all the nutrients?

This is a new one for me.


flowering rose

i use  my moss for hanging baskets and found that by keep dig it up was the best.


Are you sure its moss.? Description of spidery doesn't sound like moss. Have you a photo?. If it is moss , it would indicate poor drainage. But if your veg plants are Ok , then it may be some other type of weed.

Will work on photo idea! It is a nice bright green, feels spongy, star shaped and some 'arms' extend and it looks like they start a new star. maybe I'm making this up. They have small seeds/pores (?) round things on top. 

I can scoop a bit up (soil and all) easily- it has very shallow roots. But this might mean decapitating the whole patch once I clear it for winter. Might be that's what I have to do?


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