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Can I put moss on my compost heap.just cleared a load off crazy paving.

Any advice ?

In a word yes. The moss will rot down its plant material so no problem.


Agree with Dave, I compost what I rake from the lawn.

It takes years to rot down, in my experience - I avoid putting it on my heaps, which are very large and active.


I think it is a bad idea too.



I agree with landgirl and welsh, not a good idea.


I  collect the moss I rake from the lawn, let it dry and put it into those fat cage bird feeders and hang out on the fence in the late winter early spring - the bluetits, long tailed tits and chaffinches are very grateful and we have hours of pleasure watching them collecting it for their nests - it's amazing how much they use 


Fine moss from the lawn scarifying gets chopped up  and goes on the compost heap. Mixed up well with grass cuttings and other stuff it rots down. The lumpy cushiony type of moss that grows in cracks in the paving goes in the green waste  bin, as I think its too solid and possibly too acidic? to rot well.


Thank you all, it seems even stevens  to add or not to add,I think I will save it for nesting birds that seems a good way out.


There is moss, and moss!  I would add fine scarified moss from the lawn to the compost heap or put it out for the birds.  But clumpy moss is a different matter, and I would put it in a rubble sack or thick plastic bag and leave it until it has completely rotted down.  If you put it in the compost heap you will end up with it everywhere.


I grow on healthy pieces of moss in a shallow container and put it on rocks. I keep them watered till established. They look lovely. The small pieces I dry and leave for the birds with other appropriate in the spring.

You can also use it to line hanging baskets and to cover the soil in pots with plants and bulbs  growing in them.

thanks for advice would it be useful to dry it and use in containers and baskets

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