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So much moss has appeared in my garden beds- and I don't know what to do! It is right through between the tall plants, and over the top of small ones. The beds are on a slope so drain quite well, but I know it has been a damp winter.

Any ideas, please?


I'm just raking it off


Rake off and prick the ground over to allow some air into the soil.  Moss will often grow on compacted ground if the conditions are right.  Also maybe if the beds are congested, less chance of a good airflow around the plants ?

At least moss is easier to deal with than Celandines


Just stir the surface with a hoe or rake 

David K

Moss can indicate several conditions in the garden.

A high acidity, pH 5.0 to 5.5 is ideal for growing moss. A simple soil test will determine your soil pH……add lime if it is acidic.

It may be low fertility….soil that is nutrient poor and/or unfertilized encourages moss growth.

Soil compaction (a byproduct of constant rain)….moss can grow easily on compacted areas.

Or maybe shade….moss needs shade, from buildings, trees or even the shade of a densely planted flowerbed.




thanks everyone

We have beds absolutely covered in moss in our new allotment. Is it ok just to dig it back in? We also use a rotavator occasionally and i was wondering if it might be the cause of the soil becoming compacted, thereby allowing the moss to grow? The beds are well drained but have not been cultivated for 2 years.

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