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My indoor Moth Orchid has just lost its final flower. What should i do now - keep watering it or trim it? When will it flower again? Its the whilte variety and i fed it well whilst it flowered all summer.

Thank you.

Alina W

Trim the flower stem to just above the next node (the swelling on the stem with a tiny triangular leaf lying flat against it). Continue to water as you have been doing and it should flower again in a few months.


Thank you very much Alina. Will the same procedure occur throughout the year many a times or just once?

flowering rose

always water with rain water not tap.let them dry out thoroughly,they also need a rest period where they will not flower.spray plant with chlorine free water daily .and they do not like the cold . I have in flower a white orchid  and its stunning,the inside looks as if it has a small butterfly and white tail.I don't know its name as its a rescue orchid from my daughter.


Thank you i appreciate the advice. They are gorgeous arnt they.

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