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My tomatoes had been doing so well but the news leaves that have come through in the last two o three weeks are mottled and curled and the plants seemed to have stopped growing.

The lower older leaves are still dark green and leafy with no problems.


Any ideas?


Looks like tomato mosaic virus.

I was worried someone would say that


So is it incurable? SHould I bin them?


Can I use the same soil to grow new tomatoes?


Bad news

general advice is to remove and destroy.

It can be spread from  contaminated tobbaco, so do not handle tomato plants after handling cigarettes or cigars.

All soil will need to be replaced. It can persist  5 years. All pots will need to be sterilised and all knives etc used in the greenhouse. (jeyes fluid for pots. Bleach or meths for knives)

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