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I have this every year with my Mountain Ash tree.  It starts off very healthy but already some of the leaves are curling at the edges and will, if the last few years  are anything to go by will drop the leaves early.  I cannot find anything on line to suggest what the problem might be.  Does anyone have any ideas before I give in this year and remove the tree.


Mine does this as well. I think it'sbecause they don't like my over dry soil. You don't see them growing in the wild round here.

That makes real sense, thank you.  I am quite high up where I live and the leaves brown from the bottom up with no evidence of any pests.  I will get out with the hose pipe!  Great advice,  I really appreciate that.

hilary maloney

can anyone tell me why my mountain ash has plenty of berries on but they stay green all the time and do not go red like i see other trees doing

hilary, I replied on the other thread.

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