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hollie hock

I rediscovered this smaller plant a couple of weeks ago. I think I've planted it too far back and want to move it.

It's perked up a bit and putting on some new growth. I'm thinking it will be alright to move a couple of feet? It looks so small compared to the other one planted at the same time last year. Any chance of flowers this year?




I reckon it'll be fine hollie. Decent rootball and all the normal procedure. I think you'll get flowers too - they're quite forgiving usually 

If its yet to show a flower bud , I'd move it, roots go pretty deep though
hollie hock

Excellent news That can be shifted tomorrow. Fingers crossed for flowers as well then. They are both purple, bought as small plants last year. I haven't had aquilegia in my garden for while now. Thanks both

I started out with one blue one and one double white one about 8 years ago. I now have 20 or so self-seeded, but they are all dusky pink! I must have weeded out easily a hundred or so by now.

I agree with Fairygirl though, if you're going to move one take a big rootball with it. Mine always swoon like a Victorian miss immediately after being moved and need plenty of watering in.


I love that..swoon like a Victorian miss!
I have lots in the garden here, mostly grown from seed, never seen one self seed, nothing self seeds here, don't know why, marigold sometimes do, and lots of little foxgloves, but not much else.
I had some aquilegia chewed by vine weevil last year, and my daughters were completely eaten by tiny green caterpillars.
hollie hock

Thanks everyone, I've never managed to get one to self seed. Don't think I've had much luck with growing these from seed either. Will get out as much of the root I can and water well to try and avoid the swoon. Sad fate for your daughters Lyn


I find the best way to germinate them is to sow immediately the seeds pods split open in the Autumn in a seed tray and overwinter them in the tray.  They can be a bit stubborn if collected and then sown in spring.

hollie hock

Cheers Bob. I used to sow them along with everything else in Spring. Can't go too wrong if you sow fresh off the plant.  Nut has great success with outside sowing in January. Will be collecting the seeds off these two and giving it a go. Right off to shift the plant, thanks everyone

hollie hock

It's all going on Tetley  Moved it about a foot......... it looks all the better for it's slight change in position.

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