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I have to dig up and replant an established camellia plant due to some building work scheduled in the next 2 weeks. Are camellias deep rooted? what is the best location to replant and what is the best soil conditions?

camellias are not too deeply rooted, generally but it does depend on how big your plant is and how old.  The roots though do not spread too far. I have moved big ones without any difficulty...make sure you dig as large a rootball as possible.

Camelias like a slightly acid soil but will tolerate some lime, a little, so neutral soil is fine.  Mine are in neutral ground and do well and they are in full sun, well, from late morning to late afternoon and they flower well.   Early morning sun is a big NO not because the shrubs themselves are damaged but the buds and flowers suffer if frosted and thaw takes place too quickly. Ideally dappled shade if possible. but they can grow in sunny or shady situations. However, they are tough things.  When I plant camelias I do so at soil level, not too deep, and incorporate ericaceous compost mixed with my own soil and my own compost, water very, very well and then mulch with bark chips or compost. I find white flowering varieties need more protection from the sun and mine is tucked away in a very sheltered position.  good luck Jack

Thank you for your advice. Much appreciated.

regards Jack

If you can get a good rootball and your camellis is not too big you can move it now.  If it has a lot of flower buds and you don't want to jeopardise the flowers then wait until flowering is over.

out of early morning sun is a priority.....early morning sun will damage frosted flowers. Get some ericaceous compost in the mix......camellias prefer acidic soil but will tolerate a neutral soil if it's in good heart.  Dappled shade is ideal but I grow them in full sun.



I need to move a camelia and was wondering what to do - and - there was this thread.

As ever good advice easy to understand, thanks Verdun

I want to move my camellias from one pot to another and there are a lot of buds on it now.  Would I be best to wait until flowering over or am I OK to do it now in Spring?

Wait for those buds to open if you want the flowers but then pot Asap.  Water well of course.  If you aren't too bothered about possibility of losing the flowers pot now.

Could I move a camellia shrub after it flowers ie May 

i'm asking this because I need to move one that has nearly finished flowering but obviously most garden info. states  its best in the winter months

I also need to uproot a biggish camellia to pot ready for moving - any tips please.


I followed instructions off this thread and my camellia flowered well this year- moved in winter



i moved a small one that has been planted for two or three years, it came up really easily, too easily i thought anyway, it is replanted now, i'm always moving things at the wrong time of year and i haven't lost a plant yet.

Hello, just wondered is it ok to move camellia plants now ?End of Feb / Beginning of March) they are about 2 -3 foot tall fairly bushy and in a front garden that gets no sun at all... I would like to move them into my back garden which has Full Sun ( I have seen they don't like early sun) Many thanks x

Sue, yes do it asap if ground is reasonably dry and not frozen.  2' high?  It's a baby and wont even notice the move.  

Sanjy, me too. always moving plants that is.  A decent root system and plenty of water usually works 



They're not overly keen on full sun either Sue. A sheltered spot - west facing- is the ideal site. 

You run the risk of losing any flowers if you move them now. As long as they're in suitable soil and don't get dried out, they'll be fine where they are for a couple of months. Once they've flowered you can move them then. Get a good rootball when you lift them, be generous with compost etc in the new planting hole, and make sure they get well watered till established, and also in late summer when they form the new buds for the following year. 

Ah, you spotted my deliberate mistake Fairy. Forgot to mention the early morning sun.

however, I think Sue's plants are so small she will not lose flowers by moving now.  Plus, the roots will have longer to establish before the heat of our heatwave summer 

I move camelias regularly here, often on a whim and in flower, without any problem 


Heatwave summer Verd - you don't know you're born.....   

I realised they were small - but thought I'd err on the cautious side.  

I'd move them just now too - they possibly haven't been in long either.  I  move stuff when I shouldn't, but even in summer we get a lot of rain, so it isn't usually too difficult.


Just hoping Fairy 


Mine are in very deep shade and are flowering like mad