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I have a pyrus salicifolia Pendula which is completely in the wrong place, tucked in behind a tree so I can't see it. I'd like to move it but would like to know if that's possible and when and how. I don't think it's very old but I've only moved here this year. It is about 4ft high. thanks.

Paul N

Trees should be moved during their dormant period, say November onwards but not when the ground is frozen. It's only a titch so should move happily but dig a decent sized root ball with it. 


thanks so much. I'll start preparing the hole! Any advice as to what size hole or what to put in it?


Paul N

Always dig a deeper and wider hole than you imagine. Some compost on the bottom and plant in the hole at the same depth it was originally.


Thanks so much. Is now the dormant period? 


jim lad

sorry Jim aint saying anything, I dont know anything about trees but what I would like to ask is when can I prune an apple tree, we gave it a good haircut last year but this year it grew big and a lot of small new branches etc, I would love to really give it a good hair cut again, as last year I dont think we did it right/ or enough, the tree is about 45 years old.

Paul N

"say November onwards", Corinne.

Jimlad you've already outlined the issue you have now in giving your apple tree a "good haircut". . You now have lots of "water shoots" I think that will not produce fruit. Instead of another haircut can you reduce the length of these new shoots? Or remove some of them. Some trees fruit on spurs and some are tip bearers and this affects the way you should prune. Does the fruit appear along the branches or at the ends? If the former, prune the shoots that come from the bigger branches to a few buds. If you give another haircut you will just get more and more thin shoots creating a mass of them

Its now mid-April.  Is it still advisable at this time to move trees?

I have moved Pyrus,give it away.  Loved it but it looks best as a focal point for me and pruned correctly.  

Well, I would move it now...ok, bit late but at 4' is should be fine.  Give it room and sun to reflect off those silvery green leaves.  

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