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I really want to move my alliums to a different site in the garden. I know I should wait but im pretty sure impatience will get the better of me as I want their present site for something else.

Am I mad to move them or could I get away with it? Any advice please?

Have they died down after flowering? Are you staring at a load of bulbs? If they have and you are, then I think you could give it a go.


thanks.  they have finished and dried up but still have dry heads on. The bulbs are planted very deep.


Good a time as any to find the bulbs and move them, at least the flower/seed heads show you where to dig. They will only be loosley attached to the bulb in any case.


The butterflies enjoying mine last Monday. 




Thanks folks, tried 1 yesterday but sliced a bit of bulb off, will persevere today more carefully. Have prepared site for them to go to.

Nice pic zombie

Hi, I moved a few aliums two seasons ago and they have survived perfectly well - give it a go!  If you need the space for something else then you have no choice anyway.  


Zombie - I didn't get around to it today, partly cos I'm still a bit nervous.


Well, we moved a couple of dozen today. Not intentionally, but  we had to remove a self seeded huge shrubby Lonicera and up came a huge clump of Allium Globemaster with it.

I was almost forced to move 8 to 10 bulbs today, but they are already coming out..

Is that harmfull to the plant to move them while they are about to go into flowering modus? Or in spring? Because I think it might take a while thoug before they will acually flower... unless I have messed it up and won't have any flowers at all

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