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Hi Everyone - can somebody help a dumbo who didn't plan properly?

I know it's definitely the wrong time to do it but I HAD to move some 2 - 3 yr old delphinium plants yesterday (17th May) as this clump was going to be in the path of some landscaping work (a smart person would have figured that & moved them some weeks ago)! The plants are about 2' tall with the very first signs of flower spikes.

I moved them to a nice spot with enriched soil, gave them a good soak and put in a support system. Weather yesterday & today has been still, cool & overcast.

24 hrs later and the tops are looking limp and floppy (but not completely keeled over). 

Do you think these might perk up in the next few days? - if so how long should I give them to do so?

Or should I cut my losses and cut the stems back now & hope for a late summer show of flowers? Also any views on watering? - my soil is heavy clay & is wet and sticky after several days of heavy rain last week. I was planning to make sure the plants do not dry out but assume that I need to make sure the soil isn't waterlogged?

hollie hock

Hi Topbird, I'd give them a bit longer longer to perk up, sounds like you've done everything you can


Quite honestly I'd give them a good long chance to make it - plants really want to grow and if they possibly can they will.  Provided the root loss was not too huge they shoud do well.  Ideally you should remove their  flower heads, I know this sounds dreadful, especially in the case of delphiniums, but it is alot to expect of any plant to  heal broken roots, make new roots and flower  all at the same time.  If you can bear to sacrifice the flowers for the next batch, they will stand a better chance of recovery. 


Thanks for the encouragement guys. Gave the plants a good drink both Saturday & Sunday & they've perked up no end! (but was it the water - or was it the long chat I had with them Saturday evening when I apologised most sincerely for disturbing them & explained I only did it because I loved them & didn't want to lose them to the man with the digger...)

Oh oh - have to go - van with men in white coats is here again......

Thanks again 


Topbird, if the men in white coats were to come when people talked to their plants they'd have th asylums overflowing with gardeners!!  How else do you get to tell them when they are doing good, or when they need encouragement or even a touch of downright bullying?  Besides, I hear that they don't wear white coats any more - oh - maybe thay have already been and this is the asylum!!!



I thought everyone talked to their plants. How else would they know what to do


The nice men said that hadn't come to get me because I talked to my plants but because the plants were reassuring me that it was OK, they understood and they loved me too.... in fact we had a whole scale 2-way conversation for a couple of hours.....

Here comes that nice nurse with lunch now - hope it's spam fritters - haven't had those since my last visit here ....


.... oh dear, this really is the asylum then. 


I'm on Primrose Ward - where are you??


...they haven't told me yet, I guess that comes under the 'you only get the information you need to know', and I guess they think I don't need to know.

Do you grow lots of primroses? If that is the criteria, I will be on hosta or lily ward.

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