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I found a peony in the garden last year and it never flowered.  It isn't in full sun, so I'm thinking of moving it now it has popped up as couldn't find it before. 

I know I may lose this years flowers but would it be an idea to move it to another part of the garden with more sun ? 

It should be ok to move it, just remember NOT to plant deep.

They do say that peonies don't like to be moved and take a while to establish.  I have one in my garden that pushed it's way under the fence from my neighbours garden and it's position in my garden is north facing with no sun at all and it flowers every year.

I've moved mine almost every year and at different times, they have always flowered, just think the deep planting is often the biggest problem, keep roots as undisturbed as possibl, have the new hole ready, water well , firnlm gently down etc. Mine have never been precious so the risk of moving has always been worth it. Hope it works out ok for you too.

Paeonies don't like being moved is one of those things that everyone knows but isn't necessarily true. We had a thread about it some time ago and a lot of us had moved paeonies with total success.




There you go - an old wives tale.

great, it will be in a new home in the next few days. wonder what colour it will be 


The trick with paeonies is to make sure the eyes on the roots where the new shoots come from are no more than 2" below the soil surface - more than that and they will sulk and refuse to flower. 

Pottie Pam

I have a lovely pink paeony that had a wonderful scent but the last few years the buds only reach the size of peas then turn black. I have top dressed it over the years so is it worth digging it up now and replanting it?


It could have been unhappy in the wet and cold springs we've had lately.  

Or has the top dressing meant that the soil level is now too high around the crown?

Nut is good at paeonies 


If I'm good it means they thrive on neglect

Mine are all shrub/tree plus Molly the Witch and a few other seed raised species paeonies.



Nut, can I move my tree peony? and should I wait until after it has flowered in early May? and should I cut it back a bit to make it easier to move?

Jim Macd

I've been trying to get rid of a few in my garden but they still keep coming up. Just shows. There's ideal and what works.

I found two peony at the allotment, which the previous owner had planted.  They just say deep red peony on the label.  So I have moved them both and planted.  Once is in a pot and the other in the ground.  Both see to be showing good new growth.  Hopefully they will flower this year.


I think I'd move a tree paeony in the dormant season artjak. If it hasn't started shooting yet you do it down


Used to lift and divide peonies every year without problems.

Sunshine and shallow planting for me.  Those roots seem to like being baked.  

Peonies will usually grow well enough but to get those flowers its shallow plantIng.


I hope you are all correct 

I have just moved 3. 2 of them had been in the ground for years and never flowered, they come out from at least a foot down, like a great big dahlia tuber.. Now planted 2inches deep as advised.

Be sensible tho Lyn.  As long as the tops of the roots are just visible that is deep enough. They need some anchorage 

I'm so glad that this thread exists. There's a big clump of peonies in my front garden that was here before we moved in (we rent) and for the last few years. But, late 2012 someone drove straight through our front wall and ran over the paeonies and then the next day got A load of his mates to start rebuilding the wall and trash them even further! they flowered fine (remarkably!) and I've left them, but would really like to move them, just in case something like that ever happened again. I shall now move them  Is now fine? 


I'd be happy to move them as long as the shoots were still small. Once there are stems long enough to flop I wouldn't