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I'm in need of some mulch for my roses and a few other plants like hostas and raspberry s, does anyone have a personal preference and which one would work best on these plants?

My personal preference is bark chippings. I use bags from Wicks since the quality is much better than B&Q in my humble opinion.

This year's order is 18 bags because I skipped on bark last year almost completely and I'm doing everything this year.

I use it for a few reasons but mainly because my compost doesn't cover the ground I need to protect and it degrades into the soil to become a wonderful loam, given time. It does dry out a bit in the summer months, but I always apply thinkly and dream of the loamy goodness beneath. It leaves me very little weeding to do over the year and looks great against the plants, just try to use border edging, or it can look messy.

For some specific plants such as hostas, I incorporate my own compost in early spring, then top dress with grit to keep the slugs off, a circle as far as the leaves spread.


Thankyou both, think it may be a little late to start making my own leaf mould, but will in the autumn. Can you buy it? And also winter, what bark do you buy as I'll buy the same
The best mulch for me is seaweed....used to get loads of it and use it on everything. Mushroom compost too....often got few tons of it...not for ericaceous plants though.
For hellebores, hostas, astilbes, astrantias etc I use concentrated manure mixed with garden compost
Bark chips seem to create hiding places for woodlice, slugs, and other nasties who love the crevices created by this form of mulch so I tend not to use it much now

I covered a border last year with bark chips and am about to start preparing the bed for planting (lavender). Should I remove all the old bark chips as well as stones or can I be a bit more relxed about it?




I recently planted a 30' lavender hedge.

I would dig in those bark chips and keep stones.....except large ones.

After plantIng I mulched with Westland light n easy compost

Thanks v much.

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