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Morning all..!!

I've just read an article online that says you can lay a layer of newspaper on the earth before covering with a mulch. This prevents weed invasion (to a degree) and also helps to retain moisture to the plant. Has anyone else tried this? Does anyone think this is a worthwhile effort? (especially as there is an imposed water hose ban here in the south).

Many thanks


back in the day my grandad used newpaper on his allotment and black bags in his garden as weed supressors. I doubt it would give you any lasting prevention but there is limted  cost and could be worth a trial i know the south going to struggle this year with the hose pipe ban.


Many thanks for your input Stephen. I might just give it a trial and see how it goes. What with the amount of free newspapers that get posted through my letter box on a weekly basis - recycling it back into my garden appears to be a sound option..!! 

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