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About 2 weeks ago, I planted Cilantro and many seedlings have popped up. Then this week, my dad warned me that the roses that are a few feet from my Cilantro pot have chew marks on them. He said that there are some bugs infesting the roses and my plants might be affected. After that day my Peppermint plant (1 feet away from my Cilantro pot) had some small chew marks on their leaves. Then today I noticed my Cilantro seedlings started having weird white marks on them. Is this a disease or a bug infestation? If its a bug infestation, what is a good solution? Sticky fly traps? Insecticides? I'm very new to this gardening thing and I want it to be a great success. Thanks!


It's not a good idea to use insecticides for several reasons ... most aren't suitable to use on plants you're going to eat ... you don't yet know what the problem is so you'd be spraying needlessly and insecticides dont discriminate and may harm beneficial insects. 

Can you post some photos of the damage on your plants so we can come up with some suggestions as to what the problems may be?

start with the camera icon. If the pics don't upload reducing the size usually does the trick. 


Where do you live ?

I don't think you will get to grow "cilantro", (coriander) to us in the UK at this time of year.  I don't think it will survive our winters .

I live in California, our winter isn't even that harsh at all. We do get cold temperatures but not frequently. I also found the problem, it appears the seeds are overcrowded. What can I do to stop this? Lots of little seeds are overcrowded and are starting to grow normally but 2 seedlings died because they were too next to each other.

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