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I have a gravel drive and no flower beds directly on to it, It's looks messy as it's always got grass and weeds growing through the gravel and modern weed killers don't seem to work for very long, is there a weed killer on the market that will do the job and keep the weeds at bay for longer than a few weeks or even  permanently would be better.


If you find something that really works let me know.

What about a flame thrower, this treatment done as a 2wk "walk" up and down the drive is quite easy. These flame guns are available in gardening supermarkets.

Have tried Pathclear takes too long to work and doesn't last long enough, I have got a flame thrower but again doesn't stop the weeds coming up, the problem is there is an open gated field dead opposite my drive and weed seeds are constantly being blown across the road Groundsel and Sow Thistles amoung others so I need something stronger.



All these weed killers kill weeds, something stronger wouldn't make them any more dead. Pathclear makes a layer on top of the soil (in theory) this stops more coming through. If the seeds are being blown on top of that it won't work and a good strong weed will be able to pentrate through to the soil beneath. 

My solution (if I could afford the time and money) would be between concrete, block paving and tarmac.


I doubt there is anything stronger available to the gardener than Pathclear-a few years ago you could have use a real nasty like sodium chlorate that would kill all things and growth would not come back for at least 12 months-happily no longer available

If you need something stronger-it is a case of calling in the professionals-who may have a access to super-chemicals used under licence-but it will cost.

Good find I may well give that a try myself, I understand peoples concerns about chemicals, but I made the poor decision to have my driveway block paved a few years back and weeds in the joints are a constant problem despite me having a weed suppressant fabric below it. I brush and power wash it as much as I can, but the weeds still germinate in the joints if anyone has an eco friendly cost effective solution that doesn't involve me being on my hands and knees every two minutes I'm all ears. 


Thanks, I will make a note of it and get some for next year.


Norm2 Go to B&Q, in the household brush section you will find a Patio weed brush it has a V shaped head made of metal bristles on a long stave perfect for sweeping! in between the  paviers and certainly weeds as it cleans I know because I've got one. costs about £6.50.

Gary Hobson

Pathclear has an interesting history.

Pathclear was developed (by the old ICI, I think) as a product specifically for keeping paths clear. The active chemical was called simazine. Simazine acts in a similar manner to glyphosate. It inhibits photosynthesis. But unlike glyphosate, simozene remains active in the soil.

Simazine can also contaminate ground water, and in 2004, simozene was banned. So the manufacturers had to try to find something else that might be used. The current product is called Pathclear 3. They're still trying to find something else that works as well as the original and is legal.!celexapi!prod!CELEXnumdoc&lg=EN&numdoc=32004D0247&model=guichett


Nice to know that

I had the same problem and didn't want to keep putting weed killer on those pesky weeds and shoots that kept popping up through the gravel, in the end I invested in a really good quality thick weed control fabric, and I haven't had any problems since. C.cross it may be an option if you want a solution that will last?


Harry - To big a job and money

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