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Hi All,

I posted a question, but no reply, please help - anyone! first time gardener, i've grown some lovely rocket, mixed salad leaves, mint, parsley, tyme. Problems with the mixed leaves and rocket... they're both growing little flowers on top, should I cut these off??? Also, how do I pick the salad? Leaf at a time or cut the little stems? Want to make sure they re-grow and I get the best out of them

Thank you, ANY advice really appreciated




If they have flowers then they are going to seed so they are past their best. You pick the young leaves of mixed leaves and they should grow more. Cut the flowers off and see what happens. They need quite a lot of watering. They go to seed quicker when they are too dry.

flowering rose

that's right ,you need to start picking the leaves before it starts to flower,always best to pick even if you dont need it that can dry them and store.


Jan, I agree with Busy & Rose. I cut or snap leaves off, work from outside inwards, so you are taking the biggest first. I pick everyday and wash and save in fridge until needed.


Agree with all of the above. Rocket, especially, needs plenty of water in warm weather to prevent too much bitterness in the leaves.

Unless the salad leaves have gone seriously to seed there should still be plenty to pick and eat.

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