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Hi Guys,

I bought a pieris "forest flame" and planted it in my garden about 4 weeks ago. The beautiful red leaves on the top have gone from red to pink and now yellow? I am aware that Pieris like acidic soil so I purchased some ericaceous miracle gro feed and have been feeding it every 2 weeks as advised on the box. Please can anybody help me turn it back to red??


not sure but I would take it out of the ground and re-pot in a pot with ericacious compost then put the pot back in the place where the plant came from - I 've grown mine like that and a few azalias are in pots in amongst the other plants and it works well

Hope that helps


I've got a small one of these. I think the new leaves start off red, go pink and then yellow, before eventually turning green. I don't think it will go back red no matter what you feed it until it grows some more leaves! Mine seems to do this quite a lot though, so hopefully you will have some red leaves soon


It's normal.  The new spring growth is red and eventually turns green as the season progesses.


You only get vivid red on new leaves, they mature and go lime green, that's why it's so valued in the spring, don't worry look forward to next spring.


The red leaves are the new leaves of this years growth. After the red colour fades, they turn yellow. To encourage red leaved to form throughout the summer, prune over long branches by half and the new leaves which form will be red again.



I'm a "new" gardner   I bought a lovey bush about 4 weeks ago which had lovely bright pink leaves at the tips.  Within a week or so they started to turn Yellow and now they are starting to drop off.  I've added a multi compost and some bonemeal into the soil and making sure it has plentry water daily.  Please help this "new" gardner bring this bush back to it's original beauty




Stop watering.  It's probably drowning.   What is it?   having a name will help us identify its needs and likely problems.

Sorry - it's a pieris "forest flame

Hi Danny mine is the same and apparently this how they are supposed to be, mine also is Forrest flame i was worried as well but ok now ,good luck

Sounds like my problem is over watering.  Thanks everyone for your help!



Forest Flame has bright red new foliage in spring.  This then fades to yellow and eventually turns green as teh season progresses. 

It is an ericaceous plant which means it needs acid soil and soft water, preferably rain water.  If you have planted it in alkaline soil it will struggle.  If you've been watering it with hard tap water it will struggle as the alkalinity prevents it taking up certain nutrients from the soil and it will become anaemic.

If you do have it in neutral to acid soil and do not have hard water it will benefit from a good mulch of ericaceous compost for rhododendrons, azaleas and heathers.

If you soil is neutral to alkalin you need to transfer it to a pot filled with ericaceous compost and water it with an ericaceous feed which contains sequestered iron.  The food available in teh compost will be used up within 6 weeks to 3 months so you will have to make sure it gets extra food and all its water needs.    Never use hard tap water.

Here is some info from the RHS -


pieris leaves are at their most vulnerable when yellow.  if in strong sun this is when the leaves will burn and drop.  so shade or partial shade is essential


They change colour after the new growth has grown- red/orange then get lighter - eventually turn green. Just moved this but it was in a north facing site with late afternoon sun

 As you can see- someone didn't pick a very good place to plant it!

once the leaves turn green  they are sun resistant again but of course if they drop after being burnt at their yellow stage they cant turn green.


 Sam Im not sure about feeding ericacious plants bonemeal  , does it say its okey on the instructions ?

I killed a conifer with bonemeal ( early days ). 

 usualy it needs  the ericacious compost  not a multi .


lucky I always use blood, fish and bone and grow pieris, azaleas , and rhodies. Never had a problem so I think something else must have killed your conifer! It's a bit misleading re the ericaceous compost thing for these plants as they will grow perfectly  happily in neutral soil too if the aspect is right and they have sufficicent moisture etc. I grow my plants quite hard-  I don't mollycoddle them too much. Prepare the ground well when they go in and let them get on with it as much as possible.


My seven year old Pieris has suddenly started losing leaves, they are turning yellow on top with veins showing strong. underneath the leaves have a brown rust like substance, with a small fly like insect on them. Any ideas anywhere ? I have three more all going same way.


I'll bump you up the forum but I know nothing of pieris, sorry

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