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Stacey Docherty

Looney with my seeds on window ledges I always put them in sealable freezer bags Until they sprout.. This a. Keeps water off the ledges b. maintains tempratures c. Maintains moisture levels... Only until they sprout then I take them out .....

Busy Bee2

Make sure you anchor the little greenhouse down with breeze blocks or bricks or whatever you can get your hands on and put it somewhere where there is some protection from wind.  Windowsills don't have to face south.  I use the east facing ones in our house and they work well. 


I have never put anything in a platic bag. My seeds germinate well on there own, they get very damp inside a bag. Up to you though. There is no rush to bring them on quickly, they will germinate well under their own steam.  you cant put them out for ages yet even in a plastic greenhouse. Tomato, peppers and cucumber plants are very tender at the start.

Thanks Stacey, do I just pop them in the freezer bags and leave them on the sill? Or do I need to add anything?
Busy Bee, I put then on my east facing sill this morning, thanks for the vote of confidence
Lyn, I put mine in pots too, but newbie that I am, I'll have a go at the freezer bag method as well and what happens
Busy Bee2

Loony, no amount of experience ever extinguishes the optimist in us.  I have planted way too soon and now have mahoosive tomato and cucumber and chilli plants that will be in flower by the time the danger of frosts has passed.  I am seriously thinking of big pots now as they have outgrown the pot noodle pots they are currently in.  They have been on the south facing windowsills, and it has been too good for them there.  The east facing ones would have been better tbh.


Wow Busy Bee, lucky you! I so want to see my own plants grow! Soon, I hope
Eva Gaida

There's so many things you can start seeds in. The wet-kitchen-towel-freezer-bag method is only recommendable for beans and peas... things with big 'seeds', so you can count out the ones that aren't going to sprout. Still, I'd definitely recommend planting right in soil. I've been experimenting and started seeds in a number of different places and ways. The ones I used the bag method on are a lot slower than the ones I've had in my windowsill propagators. I would advise you get at least one of those, they're really great! They don't have to be heated, just the cheap kind, I only paid £1.99 for mine at QD. I've got them in my east and west windows and they work great, solid results within days. They're good too because they come with a watering tray so you can water them from the bottom.
Another good thing I have is watering trays with capillary mats. They're a bit pricier at £4.99 for two of them, but I just sit little peat pots on them (from the 99p store) or those expanding peat pellets and water from the bottom also. You can also use egg boxes or toilet rolls with one end cut into strips and folded up to make a bottom.
I wouldn't put anything outside this time of year until it's at least a foot tall, and even then I'd put it in the mini greenhouse. Those are great also, I got mine for £7.99 from QD and I'm thinking of getting another because I got the three-tier although I would advise getting the four-tier - better value, uses the same amount of space but you get more space inside it.

Thank you Eva!
I'm so glad to have so many people to help me get started, before this I had no idea what a propagator even was
Now that I'm armed with information, thanks to everyone on this forum, I'm confident that I won't kill my seedlings this time around....I even have a few on my window sill which have germinated in the last couple if days!yay!
Busy Bee2

Brilliant!  Glad you have something green to look at and nurture now! 

Yes, finally
I've got chillies and tomatoes, even the carrots...the beetroot seedlings survived the frost like Dovefromabove's just the aubergines, they still haven't germinated, even on the window sill

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