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Dear all,

I took advantage of a GW special offer and just the other week, received my seedlings as follows - Echinacea primadonna, lavender hidcote, Penstemon tubular bells, Geum Mrs bradshaw, Delphinium Pacific Giants and Digitalis Excelsior.

I have lovingly potted each one on this afternoon (all 36!) but cant help but wonder what to do with them next considering the time of year? If I plant out later wont I be puting them at the mercy of the atumn / winter weather and lose them all?

This is my first attempt at growing from seedling so do excuse my ignorance!

Any advice very gratefully received


Thank you so much kate1123 - the links are very helpful. Looks like I'm not the only one to have been confused!  

They're on my kitchen window sill atm. Dont know where they'll end up next - I havent got a greenhouse. Hmmm maybe time to buy one? This could end up a very expensive "free" gift lol.

hollie hock

Hello yvette, they are small when they first arrive, but after potting on they do really well. Kate is right for finding a sheltered spot for them outside, over the Autumn & Winter.

You could make a coldframe for them or get a little mini greenhouse (cheap at Wilkos & B&M at the moment) or shelter them outside somewhere not exposed, depending on where you live.


Thanks Hollie-Hock. I was thinking about a little mini greenhouse as I'm sure I'll make use of it again.

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