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I have two Viburnum Opulus Roseum that have been cultivated into standard ball trees in large patio pots.  They have had white pom poms every year so far, up until this year, and then the pom pom flowers turned pink.  The only thing I can think is that they may have been drier than usual with the hot weather.  Is this usual,  will they always be pink now, or will I be able to get them back white?  Please can anyone advise me?

From my experience you do sometimes get mixed white and pink flowers on the roseum. I have read that acidic soil can make them more pink but am not sure whether that is an old wives tale or based on fact. If they have always being white previously I would just assume that this is temporary although you may have to accept that the bushes aren't reliably white in future


Roseum means pink. the surprise it that they were ever white

Just what I was thinking! But it's probably been brought on by all this sunshine - like yellow roses go red.

The name is confusing as they can be white or pink and as we can see from this post not reliably one or the  other!


To nutcutlet - Roseum means "rose like" as well as pink,r:2,s:0,i:90

they have always looked like the above photo and there are alot of gardens in our area who have these white pom pom trees.  No-one has pink ones.  So it was a bit of a shock for them to turn pink after so many years. 

Thanks for tip chrissieB  I will neutralise the soil and then try and get it more alkaline.  Quite a few plants change colour with different pH so makes sense.  Hopefully I can get them back white, as they are much more stunning white than pink. 

Thanks to all comments.

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