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Anyone know what this is - found on a windowledge in a front garden in Dagenham

Sorry about the picture quality!.


I think  its probably a shield bug, but the picture is poor. Sorry thats the best I can guess.


It looks a little slim in the picture,but I would agree.

almost certainly - they are shield shaped, so if that sounds right, that's what it is. Harmless to people and negligible damage to plants



Any chance of a better photo? I think it looks too narrow and the legs too long for a shield bug. Are you actually holding the end of the insect?

I think it more likely to be a green cricket/grasshopper...possibly!


Is this one any better? Yes I am holding the 'tail' part which curves upwards.


 Nutculet - I do know how many legs it has thanks - 4! With two long, fine antenna.


Insects have 6 legs, what happened to the other 2

Looks like a cricket.


Try  oedemera nobilis. Green flower beetle.


I think you're probably right daintiness. Maybe it's lost its back legs. Certainly the turned up tail is the r e.


Looks right to me Daintiness, I wonder how it got up on the window ledge without its back legs

Thanks Daintiness - thats it!  Checked with the NHM website and it exactly fits the Southern oak bush-cricket.  When you turn it upside-down you can see where its back legs would have been.

Thanks again all.


Pottie Pam

Hi Ranunculus,

This was in my conservatory about a month ago. It seems to be a different species to yours. Unfortunately I later found him or her dead.  Perhaps they die in the Autumn.

Sorry Pottie Pam I don't look on the forum very often when I haven't anything current going on!

Yours is similar, I'd say it was a bush-cricket, but they all look so much alike.

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