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Why do bulbs appear on the surface of the ground without help from sqirrels.

Some bulbs are planted 4-5" in depth but for some reason this year I have found the bulbs lying on the top in several gardens.Has any one got an answer to this?

Pennine Petal
Worms on steroids......(sorry, couldn't resist!)


It could be moles pushing them up? Could be a type of bulb that grows on the surface rather than planted?

Alina W

Could it be over-congested clumps in wet, therefore soft, soil?

I doubt very much that it will be worms on steroids!!

It is not moles as there are none in the area and as most are tulip bulbs that are planted 4-5 inches down hardly!

Alina good thought but the soil is very dry and porus.


flowering rose

hate to say it is those furry animals and sometimes blackbirds will do the same when rummaging around the borders.

Yes, blackbirds can excavate amazingly deep in rich, soft soil.  So do thrushes and, in my garden, jackdaws and rooks.


Probably voles, they dig mine out. Cat's useless, wont even go out and try!

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