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Can anyone identify this tree, please?  Grows prolifically in Tuscany, heavy-scented (evening, dusk and after), lovely shade tree.  Leaves similar to a beech leaf, but slightly larger.  Yellow flowers like a stephanotis hanging in clumps from under the leaves.  Scent is quite pervasive and long-reaching. 

Thanks Forkers!  [Sorry, can't seem to upload the pic, perhaps someone can give me directions!!]



Click on the tree symbol and follow directions.


Maybe the Linden Tree?

Lordswood:  You are absolutely spot on!  Thank you so much for that...I knew that it wasn't a jasmine as one guy insisted.  I kept telling him that jasmine doesn't grow as a full tree.  Of course, everyone has heard of a linden but I had never seen one before; again, my thanks!!  (I knew I could rely on my fellow Forkers!)

However, fidgetbones, still won't upload the picture!

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