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I once had a beautiful climbing rose (Shropshire Lad),purchased for me from the Hampton Court Flower Show 2 years ago. I did all the right things when planting it and it duly flowered last year. However, towards the end of the year - before frosts, the leaves showed signs of 'black spot'. I cut off all the offending leaves and kept up a continuous clearing up operation around the base of the rose and disposed of them properly. I now have a completey bare rose - no leaves whatsoever. Can anyone advise me as to whether it's 'curtains' for what was once a thriving,healthy plant.


You wont have yet-most roses are bare-leafed this time of year -give it a few weeks then it should start showing signs of life

Thanks - I was concerned because it didn't shed all it's leaves last winter.

Gardening Grandma

Roses are quite amazingly tough and can survive quite a lot of neglect, and you have clearly looked after yours. We get a lot of black spot here in Wales and I have realised that it is best to spray really early in the season, before it gets a chance to get hold, and then repeat spray at regular intervals. Hiowever, even rampant black spot does not seem to kill them, only disfigure and weaken them for that season. I am definitely a learner when it comes to roses. In the past I've avoided them, since we have such a problem with black spot in this wet climate. However, I have learnt that the difference betwen roses thriving and merely surviving lies in feeding them and mulching them really generously.  

Yes, I too am a novice when it comes to roses. I'm not disheartened though - I've learnt that they are pretty hardy. I'll carry on with nurturing it and hopefully it'll bloom again beautifully this summer. Thank 'Gardening Grandma' (great name)



I have "A Shropshire Lad". It keeps a lot of leaves during winter, but they fall off when the new ones grow in the spring. It has a bit of black spot but I never get time to remove the leaves (big garden!) The new leaves are usually disease free if it's kept fed and watered, but late summer, when it's past it's best anyway, the black spot comes back. At the moment it's asleep anyway, wait til spring.

Thank you so much - I'm feeling a lot happier now and I'm looking forward even more to the spring. Thank goodness it's just around the corner.

i have 2  Jacques de coubert rose bushes i bought them about 3 years ago for the beautiful smell the rose itself is white and quite insignificent after the first year they did not flower at all, i scoured the internet and was told that i was looking after them too much they dont like any feed or rich soil all very odd hopefully they will flower this year, if anyone knows of this rose i would be grateful for any advise, thank you


All roses benefit from a feed -but it has to be for a flowering plant-if it is a high nitrogen feed like chicken pellets or growmore-then you will get leafy growth but might not get flowers

So use a feed specifically for roses

flowering rose

plant garlic at the base of rose to ward off black spot.burn all old leaves and do feed rose and prune out dead wood.

Can  spraying whilst rose's are dormant help keep black spot at bay before the growing season


mo6 wrote (see)

Can  spraying whilst rose's are dormant help keep black spot at bay before the growing season


No-it needs to be on the leaves-wait for a few weeks

thanks hope to succeed this year fed up looking at spotty leafless roses they look so sad

Will try the garlic as well


One of my david austin roses has dropped all its leaves...not sure why

Marian Armer wrote (see)

One of my david austin roses has dropped all its leaves...not sure why

Tell us a bit more - how long has it been planted?  Where is it planted (soil/situation etc)


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