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I was lucky, I grew the nectarine from a seed and it has fruited twice in 16 years.  It has always suffered from leaf curl, despite copper sulphate treatments and last autumn I cut it right back, so much so it now has absolutely no leaves!  So: will it recover and if so, how do I treat it for leaf curl?

Next, I have only the nectarine growing in the garden, the rest is gravel, paving and a pergola sitting on gravel.  The pergola is in need of something growing, to cover its skeletal appearance, but it will need to be potted, need no attention and be evergreen.  It will only have direct sunlight for a couple of hours in the late afternoon.

Help please!



Hi RicR

not sure if your nectarine will recover but here's a link to RHS site with some good info for prevention of leaf curl on peaches and nectarines:

As for a plant for your pergola the only thing I can think of given your conditions is Ivy. Hope that's of some help for you

Hiya ricR

In such a sunless position I think ivy rob is your best bet.  I grow a beautiful butter yellow one called Buttercup.  

The peach leaf curl is caused by rain.  Is it small enough to cover?  The danger period is early spring to early summer...after that you can uncover your plant.  A parasol would do,it.  Peach leaf curl will kill your plant if unchecked for couple of years as the leaves will have been lost

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