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Hi Gardeners, I need advice with the ant nest in my garden. They seem to like compost best of all. They are in my planters, beds & boarders. I planted a blossom tree for my late father, it was doing great, been in there 3 months, when all of a sudden the red leaves wilted. I am bothered by this.

I see so many ant killers on the market but, i don't want to harm any other critters especially the birds & my dog pip. Can anyone tell me if there is a solution that can be added to rain water?  or what ever one thinks is best.

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Molly, Try using Antstop spray, it comes in a trigger gun sprayer, and is available from quite a number of garden outlets. As it says on the spray gun STOPS ANTS IN THEIR TRACKS. I have found that once you spray a plant or surrounding ground area with the spray the ants completely disappear, it's also effective for woodlice earwigs cockroaches & fleas. I'm not sure about other critters as you mention depending on what kind of critter you want to preserve of course. I can however say that it definitely works.

'Salt' makes ants loose their sense of direction and can be a good deterrent.

Another one is to use Boracic acid crystals & Sugar mix which are harmless, but are deadly to ants if you want more on Boracic & Sugar let me know.


Welcome molly

I think you have two issues the ants and the other your,blossom tree.  They are not connected, unless your tree is in a pot swarming with those ants??

For your pots I would use an ant spray,that dries on contact and remains effective for several weeks.  Harmless to dogs etc and other wildlife.

Your blossom tree, if it's in the pot full,of ants it could be that the ants are creating air,pockets around the roots when building their nests.  Is your tree in the ground?  


If you use boracic (Boric) acid mixed with sugar, you need to make sure any mammals cannot get at it, especially your dog.  5 to 20 g can kill a human, obviously a lot less to kill a dog.


Thank You John, I will try the Ant Stop..

Verdun . You are correct about me having two issues. While sitting, pondering on my swinging chair, I realised why two of my plants are dying. My neighbour gave me some Nippon powder. I used it for two ant nests, both plants were swarming under ground. I doubt it's a coincidence, that's the only two places I have put the Nippon, that's the only two plants that are dying, must be the cause. I'll never use that again, not only have I lost my tree, I have lost a beautiful Clematis too.

Figetbones. Thank You for your advice, I don't want to risk making my dog sick or the birds..

Thank You friends for taking the time to reply.



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