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Jess is in the Garden

I have vine weevil in my beds (treated in March with nematodes - all good, vine weevils being shown the door) but also massive problem with slugs and have heard that there are nematodes for these little gits too. Can I water in slug nematodes over the same area where vine weevil nematodes have been/still are, or is there some confilct between the two? Many thanks.

Alina W

I can't think of any reason why you shouldn't use the two in the same area.


No problem, they don't compete.  Nematodes are tiny worms and as long as temperatures don't fall below 5C and the soil doesn't dry out, they will be OK.

Once their prey are all gone, they will eventually die out though, so you may need to reapply in a few months.


i was told that it is only the brown slugs that eat your plants.. not the black ones..or is it other way round do these nematodes kill them all


Jess is in the Garden

no idea! I am hoping the brown, as that is what I have...I bought some stuff from nemesys and it's coming son - will check what it says on pack and let you know


I use the slug nematodes and I don't think they worry too much about the colour of the slug.  I've had no slug damage to my potatoes since I started to use nematodes

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