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What soil and feed do I need to get the largest heads on geraniums.

Would welcome advice.


Do I take it you mean the sort of geraniums that are now called pelargiums?  Frost-tender bedding plants?  

Are you growing these in beds or pots?

I think variety is the prerequisite.  Choose those described as having large flower heads. 

If me, I would feed with high nitrogen until bud formation and then switch to high potash feed

The potty gardener

Why doesn't everyone call the bedding geraniums pelargoniums? GC always refer to them as geraniums. There wouldn't then be confusion


I was explaining to someone today the difference between geraniums and pelargoniums and, as luck had it, a hardy geranium was to my left and a potted pelargonium to my right.

Bev, I totally agree about GC labelling but often the assistants working there dont know either.  Every time I go to local GC one keen guy there runs up to ask me something and then mentions it the following time to show he's remembered.  He's keen but others aren't.

Thankyou for info.  What soil mix would you recommend. For high nitrogen, would miricle grow be the right one and should I add a third grit.  If I wish to take cuttings what is the best method.

Hiya neville

Plenty of perlite or grit needed.  I grow,them in John innis number 3 with added perlite or grit.  Mpc is too,prone to drying out completely and is imsufficient in weight to support top,heavy plants.  The high nitrogen is only until buds start only for couple of weeks or so....and is not meant to be continued with after that.  I would then use phostrogen or tomato feed or seaweed feed.  


Hi Verdun

Thankyou for suggestions.  Seeing that you recommend John Innis number 3 loam based soil implies to me that I should start off with a high food content plus a third grit, then move over to a high potash feed when buds are developing.  When successful, what method do you use for taking cuttings.   Do I need bottom heat this time of year with a lid to hold in moisture and then put in shade plus rooting hormone powder.  Hope I have not bent your ear too much!!

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