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I have recently just started to maintain a few gardens. The gardens I look after are very large and this includes a large area of pathway, and a large area of driveway.

I am looking for advice on how to purchase a more industrial weed and moss killer, one that replaces the sodium chlorate which is now banned.

Most of the retail branded products in my opinion are very expensive and in effective amd don't cover large areas.

Preferably a crystal method such as the banned sodium chlorate as well as the long lasting effect sodium chlorate had.

Please please, can some one advise me, maybe some one who has their own gardening business, where you can purchase bigger packs.



You will need to get a licence before you can purchase and certainly before you use non-retail products. A local FE college will probably offer courses - I think they are quite short eg day or so.

The RHS or Professional Gardeners Guild can probably advise and/or have information on their websites. Might be worth looking at the PGG is you have gone into business as they may give you access to discounts/members training etc - I don't think the annual fee is very high.

Warwickshire College (especially their Pershore campus) do these sorts of courses, but dont know if that's any good for you re geography but might be useful to look at what sorts of courses you can look for more locally.



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