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Hi all - we have had a large area of turf laid - it has been in stages so some has taken quite well even though laid since last Nov - it is a little yellow but been told it will survive. Weather forecast in Manchester is 2 degr max going poss down to - 1 today and having had at least 100 sq m laid last week have been unable to water it due to cold weather. Question is - do I wait for a few more days for warmer weather before I water or do it now even with poss frost? Some areas i.e. under a tree are quite dry du to roots etc and this has been 'down' for 5-6 days now. Many thanks Steve - ps will attach photos asap.

Water asap AFTER this cold spell. If you expect freezing temps today it will do no good to water. Grass needs 5c to grow....I read that your lawn won't look much worse if you delay watering for a few days. When temps lift to a few degrees above freezing then water.

Great thanks


I agree, wait until you have warmer weather, not just one day, as verdun says it needs 5C to grow so waste of time and water until the weather has settled into a warmr pattern



Walking on a lawn can create yellow (dead looking patches) in winter. It may have been too cold for it also, the area that looks very obvious may have been roled up for a while. I agree with the other comments, wait until it warms up a bit and give it a good water. You may have to give it a feed aswell. 


Just a word of caution-laying turf in the winter is the worse time of year-all that is supporting that turf is the soil that came with it-if that has dried out then the grass may not recover-the roots are not growing into the soil underneath

It needs more than 5C- more like 8/9 C to grow

If it was laid by a professional company-talk to them as well-if they are the ones telling you it will survive-well they would wouldn't they?

I too used to think grass needed a higher temp of about 10 c to grow but I was surprised to learn that grass does indeed grow at 5c. maybe not vigorously but it grows. My own lawn has not stopped growing throughout this winter and even in balmy Cornwall we have often not had temps much more than 5c. I agree with discodave about feeding too but only after watering a couple of times. Anyway, good luck Steve5 but I'm sure your lawn will look great in couple of months.

I am not convinced that it will be -time will tell

Steve, it won't hurt to talk to people who laid your lawn. Sotongeoff may have a point. Looking again at your photo grass does look bit grey. Get suppliers to look at your lawn sooner rather than later or they may blame you for something. Let us know what happens

Thanks everybody sorry about delay as been out today - yes will do and will hopefully be able to water this week if temps rise - fingers crossed!! Steve


Even if you can get them to have a look at it and agree that if it is indeed dead and not saveable, then see if they will agree to re-lay it. They may tell you its fine and dormant and to wait a while but at least if they agree with you by email or something that you have in writing that they will repair then all is not lost. 

Who's idea was it to lay at that time of year (did they advise against it?)

Thanks Dave Just the way it all worked out re landscaping project after a build. However, they couldnt supply turf over Jan when really cold and then started cutting it a couple of weeks ago - though I 'was' concernd it looked very pale! thks


lawns shouldn't be cut until March time, if its been cut too early and had frost afterwards, that would affect it, also you should try not to walk on lawns during winter as it can cause yellowing/dead looking areas. Did they not advise you to wait until March to lay the lawn?

No but I know winter not great but they kept delaying job. No prob will sort anyway with supplier if they have supplied turf when not suitable to be laid!! thks

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