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I've just laid a new lawn area in my garden joining it to an existing lawn, my problem is where the two lawns meet the levels aren't quite the same, is there something I can do to make the levels the same? ie, if I rake some soil on the top of the grass, would the grass then grow up through it?


Have you laid turf or sown seed?


Sorry, yes turf.


Lift the turf and add enough soil to bring it up to the right level or take soil out if it is too low - you don't say which problem you have. You are better to sort the problem out sooner rather than later.

Yep' tried that, its just that where they meet it just looks odd, so I'm thinking if I add soil to the top it would blend the two together, its just would it harm the grass if it had soil between its blades, I'm not going to bury it entirely.



Is the new turf too low or too high - are you going to put the soil on the new grass or the old? Is it that the new turf is just not abutted closely enough to the old grass?

How much is the difference in levels?

Its not so much high or low, Its like if you put two books the same next to each other but not on a flat surface their levels are different. If that makes sense?

They slope towards each other.


Not to me -but all ground sinks after a while-I would leave it for a few weeks too see what happens-you could top dress the lower bit over time to get it level but the grass need to be growing and it is slowing down now-perhaps leave it and see what it is like in the spring?


You posted the slope bit while I was typing but I still think leave it for now

Thanks, yep' leave until spring then.

I'll just have to look the other way when I walk past it, for now!

I have recently taken out a couple of metre square areas in my lawn...they were full of couch grass. I refilled the earth and reseeded. Grass is now growing well and I in-i filled beautifully. The levels though we're bit low....deliberately so because I didn't want them too I have top dressed with sifted soil and compost. Lightly fingering soil into the blades ...done twice now and it is level now. With strong growing turf I would do same as I have done....fine soil and compost lightly pushed in by hand and then back of rake. Don't smother grass. Do it few times when grass is growing strongly. It does work. It will work. Your slope will not repair itself .

Stress grass growing strongly-which it isn't now.

Mine is and I suspect johnnys is too. The nitrogen in compost will give grass a boost too. Oh, in case someone points this out, I know nitrogen feeds in autumn are a no no but it's small enough to help growth. It would be good to start a little top dressing, go for it and let us know how got on.
Follow up to my earlier post. Weather is mild and damp. Perfect for grass treatment. Just checked my resown patches and they are thick, green and blend in perfectly with,the rest of the lawn. In past 3 days growth has been amazing


It's just to wet at the moment to do anything, to dress the top with fresh dry soil, I recon it would just make a soupy mess until we get a few dry days.

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