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How do I upload a photo from my IPad? I haven't got a computer. Wanted to post a photo for my description but am unable to do so. Would appreciate some feedback. Thanks.

You can't do a direct load from an I-pad it seems-you can post an external link from a photo sharing website like flicker or photobucket -does that help?

Thanks sotongeoff, looks like I will have to leave it for the time being. I love my IPad and all this stuff, enjoying forum and blogging, think it could become addictive.

Can you see the message bar where it says ABC etc?

No, don't know what a message bar looks like, can't see anything on this page.



I didn't think so- that is where the upload icon is -so I was right the first time- just confirms it-but you can still post links-or pictures from a PC or laptop.


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