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Hi everyone, new to the forum and greenhouse garding in general. I have planted loads of everything this year, most things have taken and are growing well, but I think I have a problem with either leggy seedlings or damping down.

Now these are just terms I have found using google, basically I have some seedlings growing quite well, but with very thin and weak stalks.

Any help greatly appreciated.....


Livingstone daisy, nowt wrong with them. They do have a habit of growing like that, especially when there's not a enough light. These need full on sun..even as seedlings.

I would say, top tray needs more compost and it's looks far too wet !

Prick out into big 15 cells/modules, wilkos sells them and put them in full sun - hold back that water your drowning them. 

Remember - Moist...not waterlogged !


Totally agree,they look fine,they have a habit of looking distorted but will be fine,and reward you with a mass of lasting colour.

Plant out into modules asap,and go easy on the watering!

ok thanks, makes sense, i have been a bit water mental.

They are outside in a green house on my top decking, so they will get as much sun as possible, but I do live in Scotland, so sun is not always readily available.

Would it be worth investing in light / heating, I want to do this right and will buy the right stuff for the job?

Yes  I agree the soil does look too wet. They will also grow leggy if the light is one directional or there's not enough of it.

I tend to put a thin layer of gravel on top of mine. It helps keep them moist.

Damping off occurs when they're planted to close together. They need air to be able to circulate around them. 

I also blow on them or waft a thin piece of card across the top. This helps strengthen the stems. GQT's Rosie Yeomans is currently doing some work on this theory at the moment


sorry to sound a bit thick, but what are modules?

I am guessing this?

plant module

If so, I have a load of the fibre 1.5 to 2 inch pots, would pricking out into these do the same thing?


Depends on what you want to grow,whether you buy heating etc,I just use bubble wrap in one greenhouse to insulate in winter,in the other where we have more tender plants we do have a heater.

ok perfect,  I will buy some of those and get them filled up.

Should I put these outside, or keep then in the greenhouse?


Keep them in the greenhouse for now.

thanks for all the advice, really helps, I will no doubt be back soon with some more questions


The advice seems pretty complete to me so I just welcome ??ou to the forum Pychanski

Would using a unheated propergator help with the heat ?, it would keep them warm on cold days  - what do others think ?

But also using bubble wrap to line your greenhouse as suggested would help too .


I think propagators and bubble wrap are unnecessary now. Too hot now !


All the seeds were started in unheated propagators, I moved out into the greenhouse once they looked established. I am now in the process of moving again into modules, will update with some pics tomorrow. I also have a load of other more exotic things starting to take, I have just planted some Cactus in a heated propegator and some random seeds I bought in Lanzarote last year. Loads of tulips bought last week at Amsterdam airport, got some Gazanias, Pansies, and all the usual veg, all seem to be coming on well.

I think I have suffered from first time planting overkill, I have a million seedlings now and nowhere to put them

Verdun wrote (see)


The advice seems pretty complete to me so I just welcome ??ou to the forum Pychanski

Thanks, looking forward to seeing what everyone is up to and getting and giving as much advice as possible.

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