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I wonder if sombody could advise. I bough new turf and laid it week ago. Unfortunatelly it seems I did not compacted the ground enough after digging it up (just using wood to compact the ground without actually walking on it). When our 2 year son accidentally walked today on turf, in those places the ground compacted, with much lower turf level when he put his feets. Is it ok to walk over turf to try to compact the ground over the whole area (when turf is already laid) or best to roll it back (because walking will stretch turf), compact the ground, level it/rake it and relay the turf? Turf is still green, well watered every day. Thank you in advance as I feed stupid not reading the ground preperation guides correctly on internet.
Thank you in advance


Hi Michal  Think you are going to have to lift it I'm afraid. Walking on turf will just make it dip where you didn't level it. Rake the soil. Walk over it like Charlie Chaplin then rake again. Then put turf down.  


Nail a pair of old boots onto two pieces of wooden boards approx. 18x6 inches. Then walk over it, much quicker and more even!


Oops Michal! No easy solution - think addict's right. Hope it's not too big an area 

Good tip Sue. Might try that when I do a little lawn in the back garden here next year!

Sorry Michal, Addict is spot on.  You can't relevel wirhout removing the turf. It should lift easily enough and then you need to firm thoroughly.  Walking on your heels may be hard but it's the best way.  Soil needs to be dry and then you walk, rake, walk rake, etc. to get the surface as level and firm as possible.  You can do it and you will regret it,if you don't re-prepare your soil ASAP.

In my more naive days I made a lawn.  It looked perfect.  But I hadnt firmed it properly.  When the wet season arrived the lawn just sank in so many areas when walked on.  I learned my lesson then.  Preparation is everything

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