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Hi, I know absolutely nothing about gardening and need some advice! I have weeds growing through the turf in my garden. There are 2 different weeds, (if I knew how to post pics on this via my phone I would!) one weed has a large rounded leaf, the other looks quite spiky. I have found the weed killers a little confusing and obviously don't want to kill the grass around the weed. Any advice welcome! Thanks, Emma

You can get a special weed n feed for lawns from the garden centre. It kills broad leaved weeds but not grass. You should not put the mowings on the compost heap after you have used this.

What do you think about the spiky slim shaped weeds? I wouldn't say they were broad leafed? It almost looks like a longer (lighter shade of green) Hollie leaf. But thanks, the majority of them are broad leafed so I'll try that. (Good job you mentioned the compost heap-I've just bought a compost bin!)

Anything that is not grass is broadleafed, whatever its shape.  That is how they differentiate them.  Some weedkillers can be used on broadleafed weeds, but will not kill the grass. Some weedkillers will kill everything.

It will say on the label.

This is a useful thread for me too. We have a million daisies in our lawn, though I have to admit I am loathed to kill them!


Steve 309

The 'spiky' holly-like leaves you mention sound like dandelions

which are a beggar to get out as they have extremely persistent and deep roots.  Never used a lawn weedkiller (though I think I might have to soon!)

Maybe the rounded ones are plantains?

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