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Hi everyone, i'm new to this!  We moved in to our home aprox 2 years.  We deliberately never touched the garden for 12 months so we could see what was dead and alive.  To cut a long story short, we have many weeds, but there are 2 types in particular that are litterally taking over the entire back garden.  We really are struggling now!  One has a potent sweet smell with a small pink flower and the other eventually grows a long stalk and buds a beautiful orange flower.  After the flower dies, it turns to one of those weeds where the particles blow off in the wind, and then they grow wherever they land/seed.  They are even growing out of the lawn now.  Here are some pics of them.  Can anyone tell me what these devils are and how to get rid of them?  I worry about the strong week killers as we have a cat.



thank you carol

Sending this as a test... My profile says 1 returned

Oh no, yes it is that one nutcutlet.  I just read the link you sent me.... 

  How do you get rid of it?  Hres a pic of the other problemweed we have.  Its easy to pull out, but the smell is real strange!  Any ideas?



The first sounds like Herb Robert (Geranium robertianum), "fragrant" foliage and spreads madly


Petere17, you are correct.  I just looked it up and it looks just like that.  Any ideas on how to get rid altogether?  I'm pulling this stuff out everyday!




If you do not want to keep pulling this out,try Glyphosate .If you are puuling it out don,t put it on the compost heap. 


Herb Robert - pull it out before it flowers - there will still be some seeds in the soil which will grow, but if you keep pulling it out when you see it, by the second year there will not be much left - I know, we've been here two years, when we came here it was all along the side of the house - there's hardly any left now 


Make sure you are wearing gloves,the smell is appalling.

Be aware if it seeds the seeds are ejected for some distance.


I'm odd - I  quite like the smell 

Hi gillyl, try the glyphosate on the herb robert or the other?  its the fox and cubs we have the real issue with  thanks

Got to agree with you, it absolutely stinks.  Makes me feel ill when pulling it out!


Can only see the Herb Robert pic Carol,so that is what I was suggesting the Glphosate on,but only if it is a large patch,or otherwise as Dove says just keep pulling it out and watch for seedlings.

Dove..........Wow,never known anyone to like the smell before.

Would you believe that the Guardian newspaper actually offered fox and cubs for sale on  their gardening page about a year ago?

Maybe the person you bought the house from got some

We have some in our garden from time to time. They don't like being hoed.


They are becoming a real problem...  look, they are in the lawn now!  dont really want to put new turf down until i've eradicated them!




As has been said, keep pulling the Herb Robert and you will soon reduce it to an acceptable level. I don't use Glyphosate so cannot comment.

Round my part of the world, some folks call it the 'headache plant'.




herb robert is just an annual and pulls up easily, if it's in the lawn a few mowings will see it off.

if I get rid of the orange stuff I'll report back on how I did it

Thanks everyone for your comments and identifications.

much appreciated 


The aurantiacum can only be got rid of by using a translocatable weed killer.  In the lawn or grassed area, use Verdone or something suitable for killing broadleaf weeds. BUT, be prepared for a long haul, it is awful stuff!

And I too do not dislike the smell of Herb Robert.

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