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Heather Michaels

Mine is bursting with berries too Dick. I'm new to all of this so don't know what the appearance of berries or not is supposed to mean but I'm hoping it means a mild winter and not another one like last year. I've been so busy admiring how pretty they look and ooh aren't we lucky I didn't for a minute stop to consider that it might be a foreteller of doom

It means that we have had a nice hot summer and all those pollinating insects have been able to get out and about and do their stuff. Unlike last year when rain stopped play and we had hardly any berries as a result.


WB is right, neither berries nor birds nor mammals can tell what the winter will be like. How could they? They react to what has happened

But I really hope for something a bit less cold and white/wet this time round

My Rowan, which was planted by the builders of the estate, appears to have suffered seriously this year.  Every year I have leaves and berries and the tree has grown strongly, being one of the largest in the street.  However, this year, nothing.  No leaves, no flowers and therefore no berries.  The buds are there, and the trunk and twigs all seem to be healthy enough.  I have seen some posts saying that the root beign stuck in heavy wet conditions earlier in the year might have killed it off, but with the green inside I am loath to give up on it.  The question is, should I give it until next year to recover, or should I consider digging it up and replacing it?  I don't have any particular attachment to it, but don't want to dig up a perfectly good tree.  Any thoughts please....

Hi all :0) My mother is also concerned about her Rowan! It usual has plenty of berries but this year there are none! She cannot remember it 'not' flowering! It has however got wispy looking weeds going mouldy and furry at the bottom of it could be from bird feeder seeds but mum said they've been there years and it has never happened before

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