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Can anybody tell me why my rowan trees which were sat last year did not produce berries this year. 

Alina W

Sorry, what do you mean "sat last year"?

Gary Hobson


Anyway, I have a rowan tree. It does have some berries on it, but far fewer than normal...

But what is significant about the tree is that there are far fewer leaves than normal. This is particularly noticable if you stand under the tree, and look upwards...

My guess is that the tree is in a bad way because of the very wet conditions we've been having for month's on end. But that is only a guess, and yours may be suffering from a quite different problem.


If you mean that it was planted last year, my guess is that it's spent this growing season trying to establish a good root system (even plants have to prioritise, especially in bad growing years).  Give it time - the rowan is a hardy plant and as long as it's not in boggy ground it should be ok - remember it's at home on well-drained exposed hillsides

Thanks for your replies.I guess I will have to be patient and wait and see. 


Gary Hobson
Dovefromabove wrote (see)

... it's at home on well-drained exposed hillsides ...

That's really interesting, because I'm on a heavy clay soil, and the drainage is particularly poor.

Although Rowan is said to be a 'native' tree, they are not actually found in the wild environment in my area. They only occur where gardeners, like me, have bought them, and planted them!

Nature knows the best place to grow everything.


Got it in one Gary - there are so many different soil types and conditions in the UK that just because something is described as 'native' it doesn't mean it's suitable for everywhere - on a clay soil I'd have gone for a crab apple or a hawthorn.  Similar size to the rowan, also with blossom and fruit and good wildlife value.


i have rowan trees 1 in my front garden and i in my back garden, and this year i have had more berries than ever, the trees where weighed down with them, they are also in heavy poor drain clay soil, i love seeing the blackbirds on them, i would like to know why the birds never seem to eat the berries that have dropped

We have had a rowan tree 6 years now in well drained soil its very healthy and leaves are great but weve never had any berries , what is wrong .


Have you had any flowers?


Just a matter of time I should think. If it looks healthy there can't be anything much wrong with it. Your'e not feeding it nitrogen to encouraging leaves at the expense of flowers are you?

We put some on the grass do you think it may have blown , we will avoid doing it in future , but last year we applied it bcause the grass needed help and it looks healthy again now .


If the tree is growing in the grass and the fertiliser was applied round it then it may have had an effect. I wouldn't worry about it. It'll flower eventually


tree is in the border, thanks for your help .

How do you encourage  growth on a sheerwater seedling rowan tree ? I have some that got damaged slightly by a strimmer-I cut back to good wood and applied sealant-I am now given to understand this is an outdated treatment,in fact it may hinder recovery-hence the enquiry -what can I do to promote or encourage this type of trees recovery? Thanks 

My Rowan tree flowers really well but produces no berries. Why?



glad to say my rowan trees are laden down with berries, they are in clay soil, but they are 15 years old 

It seems to me that every rowan, all over the UK (it was the same in Plymouth as in Scotland) is absolutely laden with berries this year.     


Why is that?   Does it indicate a mild winter a-coming, or a frosty one?