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I planted a couple of trees last autumn and was looking forward to some flowers this spring but unfortunately I've had absolutely zilch from them. The trees I planted were a magnolia 'Heaven Scent' and a blossoming cherry 'Prunus 'Kanzan'' I've attached some photos of how they're looking at the moment:

Both have new growth and look healthy enough. As you can see from the photo, the cherry looked like it tried to blossom but has offered some extremely pathetic, dark, bedraggled looking 'flowers'.

Am I being too harsh on them and expecting too much too soon? Is this possibly a result of the horrendous winter we had or is this normal with young trees? When the blossoming cherry was bought last year it still had some of its pale pink, pretty flowers left over so I'm disappointed it's offered nothing this year.




Garden Maniac

At least your magnolia has leaves - and healthy looking ones too!  Mine has small buds, definately no flowers and few and far between!  

It is magnolia 'Limelight' with green-white flowers (supposedly), planted last year - it is annoying as my neighbour's magnolia is full of blossom and looking quite handsome - mine is little more than a stick - if anyone has any suggestions of help I would welcome it! I too am wondering if I'm expecting too much too soon?


Alice - your trees look lovely and healthy - often they take a few years to settle in before they flower (especially magnolias).  Sometimes gardening is a long game - but well worth the wait .  And when they do start flowering it will be a major event

Ah, sounds like I'm being impatient! Thought I might be. Thanks.


Garden Maniac, if your magnolia has buds then surely that's a good sign. Fingers crossed anyway.

My magnolia flowered beautifully in a pot for its first couple of years.  Last year I potted it up in to a huge barrel and it hasn't flowered since !!!  It looks so healthy but no flowers.  What have I done wrong ?



Hi Paddy, many shrubs and trees will concentrate on growing new roots and branches when transplanted into soil which is richer than they were used to.  If you are feeding it, I would stop until it starts flowering again, or only give it a bit of sulphate of potash.  I would only water it with rainwater as they prefer acid conditions and some tap water is too limey.

Thanks.  I have been feeding it as I thought that was the best thing to promote flowering and it obviously hasn't worked.  Will stop now in the hope of flowering next year.  It originally flowered on our Wedding Anniversary so here's hoping for next year !!

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