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Bunny ...
Think you'll be a while there then Geoff

I looked at "my posts" yesterday morning and only got "oops" and a squashed tomato. At the moment I am away from home and using my daughter's computer. It doesn't say "BusyLizzie" - there is just the blank face and "your say". is that normal if you are not using your own computer? I still haven't had any emails about posts.


You need to log in Liz-if you are on a different computer-the one you are on will not remember your log-in details-do that-then all will be revealed

Stiill waiting a fix


After I wrote that it asked me to confirm email address etc and I'm back with my name.

Pain no emails and the small writing hard to see, I thought no one had been on the site gone quiet until I looked and others were still posting


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