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I have sown Cosmos Purity from seed every year for the past 5 years with spectacular results in my white garden, however this year I have healthy looking green fern foliage with not a hint of a flower .......I also had a problem with the seed germination and contacted the seed suppliers who replaced 2 of the 5 packets I had purchased, I was told to look at their website for hints on germinating seeds !!!!! Has anyone else had this problem ??  Dordogne Sue

Good morning.  I'm only just starting to get buds on mine, but I was really late planting them out so I think thats probably got a lot to do with its been a bit dull and wet in scotland the last few weeks.  this is the first year I've grown them, so I am no expert, sorry.  Hopefully someone that knows what they are talking about will be along soon   ps.  If in doubt, I usually give things a liquid feed and wait and see 

plant pauper

Everything in my garden is weeks behind everyone else's (my nasturtiums still have two leaves) and my Cosmos have been in flower for a couple of weeks now.

Try a feed as PL says and see how they go but that sounds a bit odd to me. Are they well watered and everything? If you've grown them before you know what you're doing so it may simply be down to a wet/dry/cold/hot spell at the wrong moment. 

Morning D. Sue

for the first year ever I had problems germinating and growing white cosmos...yes, Purity.  Luckily I sowed early and re sowed buying different seed.

don't worry, cosmos are reliable flowering plants and surely will do so for you.  They have a habit of suddenly flowering.  They love the warmer weather and can be slow earlier in fhe year.

not sure I would do anything.....I would not feed right they will be all the better grown hard. 

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agree with Verdun re feeding. Don't.

Flowering and seeding is a plant's response to challenges, starvation, drought etc

lots of leaves is the response to an easy life with plenty to eat and drink


It might be the weather, D Sue....they do like a lot of sun.  Mine are 'slower' this year but starting to flower now.  Never had any problems with cosmos...maybe yours was a dud batch of seed?

Verdun's right, don't bother feeding them now.

Kitty 2

I've no flowers yet either, not worried as everything's been late this year with the funny weather we've had. 


Hello Dordogne Sue and welcome to the forum.

I, too, live in Dordogne. I often have trouble growing Cosmos, I thought it was because the summers are too hot and dry. But it gives me hope that you have had success with Cosmos Purity. This year I tried Antiquity, dismal failure. But I have 3 Sonata in the veg garden, they are healthy, but it should have been 20!

Thankyou very much for your responses ...have had plenty of sunshine no different from the last five summers, I too purchased some other seeds Gazebo White from a well known chain store in UK and they are absolutely brilliant ...... I think it could be down to over fertilisation in a powder form in 2 particular beds at the start of May ???? 


And mine  haven't flowered . Looking  forward to a late show 😃


I have also grown Gazebo this year, alongside Sonata and Rubenza.

As usual I grow them on in 1L or 2L pots then plant out as and when.

This year I've had 2 Gazebo that I thought were blind.

In the pic there's one just above the blue salvia, but there does seem to be some sort of bud developing slowly. They were all sown on the same day and these were all planted out on the same day.

don't panic will all see them flower soon enough 


My non-flowering cosmos are at last covered in buds. If the frost holds off for a couple of weeks, I might even see some flowers. Fingers crossed

After waiting weeks and weeks for the flowers to arrive I now have a fantastic display of DARK PINK cosmos flowers with very few white ones !!!!    I purchased the seeds all white from a well known supplier T and M, had 2 packets replaced due to poor germination .............another e.mail and photographs on its way to said seed supplier.........will keep you all informed !!

hollie hock

I've got one just about to flower, will look good if it gets that far, from a March sowing


DSue, you should get free seeds plus complimentary reflect your disappointment.  If not offered ask for it 

cosmos seems to be different this year...later flowering and taller.  However mine.....both white and pink....have flowered since July on strong very tall stems.  

Be interesting to hear T & M's comments about the unusual behaviour of cosmos this year.  


More buds. all swelling. Fingers still crossed for no frost.

This year all of ours are at least twice as big as pervious years, most have flowered beautifully. However  three Giants have only just come into bud and the biggest that has just  produced its first bloom blew over this mornin

Just an update on last years post re White Cosmos or rather lack of it !!!

Sadly the 2 packs of replacement seeds sent to me  resulted in a dazzling display of dark pink !!!! sent photo and e.mail to T and M but no response ,,,,,,..have bought good old Wilko gazebo white for a pound a packet already got them going under cover and looking good !!!  Anyone had any success with Sarah Raven dwarf cosmos seeds ...Dwarf Sensation White ???

I have grown cosmos for 45 years and would normally consider them to be amongst the most reliable HHAs.  However, last year only about 40% of my plants flowered and this year it's about 25% only so far.  The variety is Sensation Mixed and seedlings were planted out in front and back gardens in Bedfordshire and in a SW facing garden in South Devon.  Have others experienced this problem? 

We also sowed a dwarf cosmos and they have flowered profusely.