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My new trees are all romping away. But the plums, victoria and czar don't have any blossom.  

Went to the  local garden centre which has a huge selection of fruit trees, all lined up showing their blossom - apart from the plums! No buds either.

Anyone else budless? 

Oh yes, loads of emerging leaves, just no flowers..


Think everything's in shock after the cold weather earlier so it's probably just that. A bit of warmth and rain and they'll no doubt be fine 


Well, they are fairly newly planted aren't they?  They may flower a little later as Fairygirl says, or maybe they need to get a good root system established before they try fruiting - you may not get fruit in your first year - but the next year's crop should be all the better for that.  Just give the tree a good mulching of manure or good compost (not touching the trunk) and make sure the ground around it doesn't dry out this summer - that'll make sure it has a good root system.


I have a 5 year old Victoria plum which has never failed but this year no blossom at all.  My daughter's plum tree is the same.   I think it was too cold for the blossom but the apple trees are spendid.  

Garden Maniac

This year, similar to last, there has been some blossom - the wind and rain however have knocked it off the tree before the fruit has had time to set.  As a new tree 3 years ago, mine yielded several pounds of fruit (as did my neighbours' Victorias, established trees). This pattern again however, means that few fruit,if any, are likely to be produced this year.  When the conditions are right the tree will be bountiful!  Stick with it, it will be worth it in the end!

Can anyone help me?  My Victoria Plum is at least 5 years old, growing healthily, lots of leaves but has NEVER blossomed!  Next door neighbour (probably 100 ft away) has lots of fruit.  A non fruiting cherry next to the plum flowers, so I don't think it's lack of sun.  I am beginning to wonder if it really is a plum tree at all ?

My plum (victoria) has been happy for ~15-20 years.

Last spring ('12) the late frosts did for all but about one pound of crops.

This year ('13) - not a sausage. No blooms - nothing. The foliage is lovely and healthy though.

I'll give it another five years before I decide whether or not to execute or not though.


My 'Lizzie' plum produced hundreds 2 years ago, but the late cold spell last year (which arrived when it was in full bloom) resulted in just a handful of fruit.  It has blossomed massively this year but I can't really tell yet if much fruit has set.  As most of you have Victoria, I expect each variety behaves differently with respect to the unusual weather patterns during the last couple of years. 

I also have a 5 year old VIctoria plum tree and have never yet seen a blossom on it. The leaves are still growing but are developing holes and  becoming brown at edges. When Is the proper time for the blooms/ fruit, am watching my tree eagerly every year but again it seems there will be nothing this year. Would be grateful for any advice.

I have a 4yr old Damson. This is the first year I've seen blossom. Plums will often take 4 -5 yrs (sometimes up to 10 apparently) before they fruit, so it's a case of being patient I'm afraid.

Rosie 3.  I have a 3 year old plum tree (I think it is also a Victoria).  I have exactly the same symptoms as you.  Did you get any advice or feedback?  I have no blossom again this year and so am unsure whether to give it the axe and start with a new one?


I think you're being a mite impatient - 3 years old is a very young tree.


I was always told that "pears for heirs" meaning that you plant them more for the next generation than yourself as they are often quite slow growing.  



My Concorde pear is certainly slow, but then as I'm espaliering it I keep chopping half of it off every year - I hope it doesn't lose heart and think I don't like it 

I pruned my new plum tree at the wrong time of year (when it was in fruit).  This year it has had no blossom and therefore no fruit.   Can I rescue it?


Give it some Fish Blood and Bone (as directed on the pack) now and again in the autumn, mulch with garden compost or farm yard manure (making sure it doesn't touch the bark) and repeat in the autumn.  Make sure it doesn't dry out in hot dry spells.

Plums and other stone fruits should be pruned in mid-summer (so you were probably right when you pruned it) this avoids it getting the dreaded silver-leaf disease, but if it's a new young tree it probably doesn't need much if any pruning.


A two year old Victoria plum - happy, healthy, lots of leaf, no visible bugs - but first year had no blossom - and this year it is very scarce. Same bed has happy roses and fruitful gooseberries so soil is presumably OK.Next doors' plum has so much fruit the branches are weighed down! I thought Victoria's were idiot proof? What should I do short of chopping it down and starting again......



Pippa, a 2 year old plum tree is very young.  If you read the rest of this thread above you'll see that they can take 5 or more years before they start fruiting.  My experience is that they start after 3 years, so (like everything in gardening) patience is the key.