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rather a severe pruning Will it recover?


Oops. Not a problem we have in England.  Although some people have the same problem with deer.

otnorot but just call me Bill

Nutcutlet it will recover.

Figetbones its estimated that there are 10 racoons for every person here in Toronto and we have 5 million people.


Well at least we can eat deer. I don't suppose racoon pie is very popular?



Oh heck otnorot. I won't complain, or try not to, about squirrels.  Is there a market for racoon gloves in Scarboro' Canada? If not there ought to be.

Glad you're still laughing & a happy gardener.  Checked your profile, bet you can give good advice, years of experience. 


I'm glad you said that FB, I was thinking i'm sure we dont have racoons.

Otnorot thats alot of racoons, are you allowed to shoot them. I thought americans are encouraged to shoot them or trap them. They are a real pest for you guys.

otnorot but just call me Bill

Zombie Gardener we are not allowed to shoot them.I dont know about American laws but we Canadians are not allowed to use pistols/rifles in the city except in designated areas.


Hi, otnorot. Just seen you on the morning thread.

I'm sure you'll get them dug up and stored. Where there is a will there's a way. My Mum is 85 and does her gardening very slowly now, she even has a chair in the greenhouse, must add I've sat on it a few times.  

As Brumbrull asked, is there anyone that helps you in the garden? I don't mean racoons We do most of Mum's gardening now, but she's a good supervisor.

Enjoy your gardening.


Brumbull, I thought you might like to see otnorot's first post. Take my hat off to him, blinking racoons & you can't do anything about them.

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