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I have/had a lovely group of eremerus which flowered beautifully in their first year. This year only one bothered to burst into bloom. HAs anyone any ideas why they should stop flowering?

I think it could have been the cold late spring.  However, I have never had success with Eremerus.  They need heat amd good drainage so trying a few changes this time.

If yours is in a warm spot...and it flowered last year there....I would see what happens next year 

Hi, I actually dug them up last week and replanted them a bit deeper. I think you could well be right about the odd weather earlier this year. They are in a hot dry spot so fingers crossed for next spring!


Eremerus,hate to be disturbed,you would have been better just waiting to see what happened next year.



Well, that's the answer Andrew. I would not have planted them deeper either.  Not too deep I hope

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