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Have a pear tree approx 8 years.Never produces fruit only leaves.Apple tree next to it produces apples nearly every year.Any ideas to rectify problem greatly appreciated Thanks


Do you know the variety of pear?  Does it have blossom each year?

hi could you check the surrounding soil ,perhaps this could this be a shortage of phosphorous needed for flowering or fruiting, not and expert only suggesting
good luck Alan

Is it self-fertile or has it got a pollinator nearby?  Maybe you need a compatible pear tree in the garden.

flowering rose

it may need another pear tree to help pollination ,I gather it is not a self -pollinating tree,if there are no others in the gardens or maybe it needs pruning.


Not sure of the variety.Never saw blossom or flowers on it.May try getting another pear tree although have limited space. I dont have much gardening experience and really appreciate all your suggestions Thank you


If you only have room for one pear tree the conference is self fertile, whereas most others will need another variety as pollinator.

iHello I have the opposite problem to you when I moved into my house 3 years ago I was told That  the apple tree in my garden was some kind of cooking apple but it never fruits I planted another apple tree in case it needed a pollinator but still no sign of any blossom let alone fruit yet the new tree is bearing fruit and my small pear tree also has a few fruit . Any suggestions ?

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