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I have grown strawberries for the first time this year. My early strawbs are fruiting brilliantly but the later ones seem to have deformed berries. They have flowered as normal but instead of forming fruits in the middle of the flower they have grown a tightly packed bunch of mini leaves. Where the fruit should be forming appears to be just a bunch of leaves.

Is this a virus? Should I remove these plants or leave them in for next year?

i am a novice gardener and I cannot find this particular problem in any of my books.

Can someone enlighten me please?

Alina W

No, it's not a virus, but a mutation in the plant - a mistake in the growing cells, if you like. Pull off these non-fruiting flowers and hopefully the next batch of flowers will be normal.

Thanks folks. It has only occurred on the "Malwina" strawbs that were due to fruit next. The early ones were fine but the weather was good then. The plants look incredibly vigorous so I think I will leave them in for next year. Unless anyone knows different?

Alina W

I don't think there's any reason to remove them. If you've had a good crop from them already, there's every chance that you'll get another.

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