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Handy hint.

They drop off and fall onto their backs when approached. As their underside is black, they're then hard to spot. As you go to squish them, or remove them, put your other hand underneath to catch them if they drop.


Just noticed my lillies are peeking through the soil so thanks for the timely reminder.


Just found one amongst my pea plants


Wasnt she in Girls Aloud  !!

I live in France and have been picking beetles of the lilies for weeks now. Some have started to bloom so must be getting on top of it, but still loads of poo on the lower leaves. I am going to try the olive oil spray tomorrow!  Also going to try garlic! Will post results. I have a large garden with different types of lilies in numerous beds so it is time consuming to pick the monsters of them one at a time!






JayV.  I squashed 3 today.  Two of them were mating so a double whammy there. 

I have them this year (got away with it last year but have had them previously). I tried the garlic spray and it just didn't work, and you have to be so quick to get on top of them once they are there, so I had to resort to Pravada spray. I hate using chemicals but I have dozens of Lilies and it worked immediately.

Runnybeak, they always seem to be mating, that's a big part of the problem!!

I am in Derbyshire and I first spotted these beetles last year. They totally destroyed my lilies. I patrol every day now and squish the little blighters and clean the bugs off with kitchen roll. . I didn't realise that Provado could kill bees. I might have to try the garlic and olive oil spray. Does anyone have the quantities of oil, water and washing up liquid?

Just found four on one large pot of several lilies.  Will be checking my other two large pots, as the leaves have holes, but not a sign of the beetles - yet!  Will try this garlic recipe some of you have mentioned and or pyrethrum, as don't like using insecticide as a rule, but lilies are too pricey to lose.

I am also having trouble with lily beetles on our Fritilleries. They have suddenly come out with the sun. They are lively normally I can catch them as they drop now they are wise to this and are flying off as soon as I get into position. I will have to design a not to catch them if they drop or fly.

Is there a spray I can use to slow them down or preferably kill them please?

All over the place this weekend on Fritilleries but they have been on the late daffs and the stems

....................arrived here the same day as the swallows.


Lots of lily beetles today. I have been squashing them. I caught one on my Verbena bonariensis cuttings.


Squished a copulating couple  yesterday - so no babies - hopefully 

I'm ridiculously new to gardening since buying my first house in November. Not a lot in the garden but its a huge space so to fill it with some colour this summer I bought some lily bulbs :) they've been growing wonderfully in pots, though in the past week I've noticed some holes in the leaves. On watering tonight, I've discovered a horrendous amount of lily beetles!! At least one per plant if not two and I have 25 lily plants! 

I've been on a rampage all evening flicking and squishing them all. (quite satisfying)

Cleared the leaves of any eggs I could see. I've been so proud of my lilies, I don't want to lose them all to a beetle!!


My first ones this year were in the warmish spell in March!  I have given up on growing lillies due to this pest - I only have 3 bulbs left, but I have to inspect daily and I reckon I have killed about 20 so far this year - another 2 today. Last year I swore to never buy another lily bulb again, so when these 3 have finished, that will be it. I have no idea how commercial lily growers are coping - I won't spray with pesticide as my near neighbour keeps bees and I have hedgehogs every night. 

I have been battling these disgusting things for just about 10 days. I first saw the mating red beetles so I got a zip close baggie and picked them off with tweezers, grabbed the antena got about 18 over  few days. Them I saw the glops of shit on the underside and the leaves were ravaged holes everywhere it was disgusting but I knew I  had to get that dung off the leaves. 😲 So today I went out with a can half full of white vinegar and the tweezers and shears I cut the leaf they where attached to and dropped it in the can. I'm some cases I had to cut the entire stem as the plant was eaten bare, smaller ones. 

I will rip the lillies out this was gross 

That's it I give up I cut all the lilies today including the brand-new stargazer lilies that I just planted two months ago I will spray with a 10% ammonia solution and in a few days dig up the bulbs and maybe replant in a couple years the Lily Beatles WON!


I have squashed quite a lot of beetles today, I sprayed the lilies with provado ultimate bug killer a month ago but that is obviously wearing off now. The flower buds are there, so I regard that as success. I spent one summer wiping the larvae off onto damp kitchen paper. revolting job.

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