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Help needed ....  just returned from hols and had expected to be able to see the first two episodes of the Great British Garden Revival on i-player. Hadn't realised they would be taken off afer 7 days. Does anyone know of any other way to view? Are they likely to be on the web anywhere?

Really dissapointed .... hope someone can help.

Bee witched



It's ok.  Reeeeeelax.   They were postponed because of Nelson mandella programmes.  They will be shown in the new year I think 


I don't think they will repeat the first two though.

Stephen W

Good news, thought i had missed them as well


Hi folks,

I think fidgetbones is probably right ... and I'm not going to get to see the first 2 programmes. Shame because I particularly wanted to see the first one with Monty doing a wildflower meadow as I'm planning one for here for round my beehives. (I'm also a big Monty fan!!).

Have a good Christmas all ...

Bee witched  






Don't despair. Sometimes they come around on youtube. 


They might even release them on dvd. I have three of Geoff Hamiltons winter series on dvd.

There is a major blunder on Carol Kleins cottage garden bit. Even OH picked up on it. We were watching Geoff Hamilton in his cottage garden series, then the new series. In both of them, Dove Cottage near Ashbourne is featured. Now, when I last was in that direction, it was in Derbyshire, but Carol said it was in West Yorkshire. I think she was a bit lost.

It might make a good place for a forum trip next year.It has a nursery next door with lots of plants (No mail order) Easy enough for Notts/Derbs contingent along the A52, or from South Yorkshire.

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