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Hi, never been a great fan of tulips, but colour was needed as the daffs began to fade, so, i bit the bullet and 36 bulbs found a new home, planted in november 6in deep with a little compost and well watered in i thought see you in the spring.  Well,  all have become fully flowered, and in the colour chosen, the problem is all but 2 are bent over double with their heads resting gently on the soil,??? No pest damage, no virus, could it be just saturated heads with all this rain, any ideas, thanks

Alina W

Yes, it could be, especially if they are some of the big-headed varieties, like parrots. You could try shaking them gently, although a bit of sun may do the job for you.


I have found that they will bend if cold.  Left alone they stand up again as the day warms up.


Hi Pash,

I've had the same happen with some of the big headed varieties, in particular.  I gently shake some of the water off, and when dryer, they stand back up again.



thanks for the replies, i shall get outside an shake it???

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